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Why Outsource?

Do you really need an in-house, fulltime bookkeeper on staff? In today's economy every dollar counts. This is just one reason why outsourcing makes sense. You can use our services only when you need them. You will have a highly experienced professional handling your bookkeeping, so you can focus your time on generating revenue, reaching your goals and taking care of your customers.

Employing an in-house bookkeeper can be expensive, not only do you have to consider their salary but other direct costs such as:

    Red Button employer payroll taxes

    Red Button workers compensation

    Red Button medical insurance

    Red Button retirement plans

    Red Button other benefits

    Red Button employee vacations

    Red Button employee sick days

    Red Button pay for holidays

    Red Button additional equipment

    Red Button additional furniture

    Red Button additional supplies




Time and expenses involved in the hiring process:

Red Button employment ads
Red Button interviews
Red Button background checks/screening
Red Button testing
Red Button training
Red Button down time
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