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Thank you for letting us join you on your journey!

This page was created for you to better understand the process of getting your books caught up and onto a regular bookkeeping maintenance relationship with the team at My Bookkeeper.

Listed below are the five phases of our process. However, in order to initiate the Discovery phase we require the completion of our New Client Questionnaire.

Phase 1: Discovery

This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, your business, and your books as they currently stand. This provides us with the information and tools we need to suggest the right combination of software and solutions to meet your needs. Some of the work that will be done during this phase is:

Review current status of books and other documentation

Identify and record any existing issues

Correspondence with teammates to get a clear idea of workflows and key responsibilities

Formulate plan for cleanup phase of the project

Phase 2: Mutual Agreement

Once we have completed our Discovery Session we will then formulate a plan, finalize a budget and proceed to the next steps to get you on track.

We will present, in writing, a proposal outlining in detail our plan, including all of the steps required to help you achieve your goals.

Once we have mutually agreed to the next steps we will enter into an agreement and proceed to the on-boarding phase to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to our services.

Phase 3: Onboarding / Setup or Clean-up

Here’s where things really start to get exciting. We are going to flip the switch and get you setup with any new software, apps and systems as best fit your requirements. We will also spend time with you making sure you have a comfortable grasp of the new tools you will be using. This is the bulk of what will be done during this phase:

Perform tasks that need to be done before transitioning bookkeeping to the new system

Set up of any new software, apps and systems

Software training 

Phase 4: Catch-up

This can be the most time consuming part of the process but also the most satisfying and rewarding. We will go through your books and make sure that all reconciliations are complete through the end of the last completed month.

Depending on where you are, this can be just a couple of weeks or months or even a couple of years that need to be updated. We have seen it all so never feel shy or embarrassed to ask for help if you are behind; you are making the right move.

Phase 5: Maintenance

Here is where we begin the monthly bookkeeping services that we established in the agreement phase.

You are now setup with a new “hassle free” bookkeeping system designed to help you manage your business more effectively. 

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP – To get started on this journey is to complete our New Client Questionnaire.


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